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Project Description


1:16 Instructor to Attendee

MODULES Includes

  • History of Heavy Ropes Training
  • Applications of Heavy Ropes Training
  • Latest research on Heavy Ropes Training
  • Heavy Ropes Training vs. Traditional Weight Lifting
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Heavy Ropes Training

• Introduction to the 6 Heavy Ropes Exercises
• Comparison/Contrast to Heavy Ropes and Traditional Dumbbell Weights
• Heavy Ropes Specific Exercises for different types of treatment/protocol
• Structure/diagnosis, treatment, protocol*

  • Correctly describe the history and origins of heavy ropes training.
  • Correctly list the 5 most common mistakes of heavy ropes training.
  • Correctly demonstrate the 6 basic heavy ropes exercises.
  • Correctly describe the advantages and disadvantage in heavy ropes training in the rehabilitation setting.
  • Correctly describe the differences between heavy ropes training and traditional weight training.
  • Correctly list and demonstrate the verbal and manual ques necessary for proper usages of heavy ropes techniques and exercises.
  • Correctly describe the therapeutic applications and exercises for hand wrist, shoulder, knee, hip, lower back dysfunction in a sports specific and orthopedic setting.
  • Correctly list the applications of heavy ropes training in the geriatric and neuro rehabilitation population.

Therapeutic Application using Heavy Ropes Exercises


KOHED is required to disclose financial or other association with any manufacture, commercial products/supporters. KOHED discloses such association. The options will be used during the course for demonstration and practice purposes and will be offered for purchase. In no way is the sale of the products the primary purpose of this course. The techniques offered during the course are generalized and providers should decide what heavy rope and treatment is best for each individual patient.

Approved Continuing Education (CE) credits & hours in CA, CT, FL, HI, NC, NY, NV, TX, WA… more to come

Continuing education requirements are subject to change.
The licensee is responsible to review board’s regulations and decide if the seminar is acceptable and applicable for continuing education units/hours.

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