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Project Description


Close Quarters Defense (CQD®) has been the only tactical system of defense fully adopted and continuously utilized by the U.S. Navy SEAL Teams for over 24 years.

This course will present citizens with a complete array of tactics and techniques to enable them to defend against personal assault and survive the close quarters engagement. Training will focus on the development of a realistic and integrated defense system that is effective against someone that truly wishes to do you harm. Participants learn to be aware of their surroundings, to recognize trouble and avoid it if possible, and to protect themselves from physical harm when necessary. Training encompasses peaceful conflict resolution and avoidance of danger as well as justifiable use of physical force for personal safety.

Course Contents:
• CQD® Full Circle Theory – comprehension and development

• Development of the First Level of Defense Protective Reflex
• Elimination of danger
• Avoidance of detected threat
• Breakaway/evade
• Unarmed Weapons Systems
• Attack the Attacker
• Defense Environment
• The Criminal Attack
• Situational awareness and response
• Positional protection capabilities
• Tactical mindset/Internal Warrior
• Personal development skills/Personal “Dialing”
• Maintaining control in a stressful environment
• Directives under stress
• Lockdown/protective barricading tactics and techniques
• Understanding, anticipating, and preparing for emergency responders and their actions
• Verbal/Positional control of threat
• Strike Intervention
• Code words, hand signals, and positional commands
• Communication devices – education and training
• Development of personal confidence
• Awareness and managing bullying/aggressive behavior (youth and children)
• Immediate communication of bullying incidents (youth and children)
• Protective gear
• Specialized Defense Devices
• Tactical and Emergency First-Aid
• Multiple threat response
• Defending and protection of others – verbally and physically
• Justifiable actions/responses/accountability and legal ramifications
• Conflict resolution and preventative measures
• Tactical physical training – conditioning and control
• Practical evolution and validation exercises – Hooded Box™ Drills (Closed/Open Box Drills™)

Phase 2 Unarmed Personal Protection Course will review your previous actions, and refine and reinforce the primary skills. We’ll then advance your skills to cover the following: defense while on your back/the ground (whether you’ve been knocked down or attacked while asleep in bed; attacks and ambush from behind; disarming an armed assailant threatening you with a weapon; escape and evasion techniques; as well as methods for peaceful resolution.

We’ll examine your defense environments in greater detail–home, work, public locations, the street, in vehicles, travel/vacation/recreation, etc.–and the tactics for recognizing and assessing risk, detecting threats and avoiding attacks, and the elimination of danger in all those environments.

** (Participants who have already taken LEVEL 1 can take it as a Re-Fresher.)**

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