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Our Awesome Ambassadors

Chris MonPere, DPT
Chris MonPere, DPTSouthland PT
Irvine, CA
Curtis Ouyang
Curtis OuyangDC Student
Walnut, CA
June, SPT
June, SPT D'Youville College
Buffalo, NY
Kira, SPT
Kira, SPTUSC - 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Lionel Reyes, PTA-LA
Lionel Reyes, PTA-LAKOHPT
Irvine, CA
Marland, SPT
Marland, SPTUSC - 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Mileva, SPT
Mileva, SPTWest Coast University
Los Angeles, CA
Monique Lam, SPT
Monique Lam, SPTWestern University
San Francisco, CA
Nancy Chu, DC
Nancy Chu, DCProActive Chiropractic
San Francisco, CA
Rikesh Hirani, DPT
Rikesh Hirani, DPTGardena PT
Gardena, CA
Robert, SPT
Robert, SPT USC - 2020
Los Angeles, CA
Samantha, SPT
Samantha, SPTColumbia University - 2020
New York, NY
Sahar, CISSN, SPTWestern University
Pomona, CA
Shawn, DPT
Shawn, DPTRiester PT
Buffalo, NY
Tanisa, SPT
Tanisa, SPTUSC
Los Angeles, CA
Tara, SPT
Tara, SPTSacred Heart University
Bridgeport, CT
Valentine, SPT
Valentine, SPTUniversity of St. Augustine
San Marcos, CA
William, SPT
William, SPTWestern University
Chino Hills, CA


“I go to as many ConEd courses as my schedule permits, to reinforce what I’m learning in school, and learn a valuable skill that is applicable in the clinic. The biggest take away from each course I’ve taken with KohEd, is not just the skill being taught, but an invaluable thought process that can only be taught from a Master Clinician like Dr. Koh. The clinical reasoning behind “why” an intervention is performed, is the key separator from the Master Clinician to the novice.”

Robert S. SPT - USC Class of 2021, Los Angeles, CA

“At an IASTM L1 course, Dr. Koh asked for a volunteer with TMJ pain. The volunteer had taken a blow to the face and was experiencing headaches prior to the course.  After Dr. Koh’s palpation and treatment demonstration, the volunteer experienced relief. In that moment, I aspired to be a clinician that could “see” the body similarly.”

Samantha V, SPT - Columbia University 2020, New York, NY

“Thought many areas of practice were brought up & integrated really well so keep doing this! Absolutely loved this course! Would take it more if offered.”

Elizabeth S. SPT, New York, NY

“Fabulous program and instruction. All of my therapists in both clinics have gone through course 1 and will do course 2.”

Kathy C, PTA - Anaheim Hills, CA, COASTherapy