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AQuire (formerly KOH Education) offers hands-on continuing education modules for clinicians and injury specialists.
Our modules are designed to equip specialists with practical, usable techniques that will change the way you view dysfunction and help patients.

Read What Others Are Saying About Our Courses

“Definitely a game-changer. Level 1 was good, but Level 2 reinforces all the ideas and concepts from Level 1, giving me more ideas for treatment.”

Benjamin W, DPT, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT

“Great balance – no individual brand was promoted; we were able to test/use many different brands. I truly appreciated that multiple brands of tape were used so that we, the participants, were able to come to our own conclusions about which brand we prefer for different reasons, such as adhesive ability and extensibility.”

Sarah B, DPT, OCS, CA

“Great course! Davis does an excellent job presenting IASTM and integrating it into clinical practice. His techniques and clinical reasoning for them can be applied immediately and for quick results.”

Monico T, PT , Kaiser Permanent SF, CA

“Walked in anti-kinesiotape. Walked out with a great tool for quick and combined treatment.”

Eddie, SPT, USC - Los Angeles, CA

“Able to learn the necessary basics to safely use IASTM on a variety of dysfunctions and patient populations.”

Chelsea F, SPT, USC - Los Angeles, CA

“This course changed my perspective on kinesio taping and I will actually use it in the clinic.”

Dylan M, PT, DPT, ATC , Progressive Physical Therapy - Stevenson Ranch, CA

“Great course, Dr. Koh and Dr. Perkins were super knowledgeable in IASTM and made the environment fun to learn new techniques and to incorporate IASTM to clinical practice.”

Der-How H. DPT, HO Rehab Center- Tarzana, CA

“KOHED, did I mention how much I love these instruments? Used to use Graston and I find these tools far superior and my patients state they are more comfortable. Definitely the single most used tool.”

Duane S, DPT, OCS, SPARK PT - Wallingford, CT

“The class exceeded my expectations. I’m excited to practice and apply these techniques as I learn more manual therapy. Thank you!”

June S. SPT, D’Youville College - Buffalo, NY