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Yes, I researched this for my own continuing education last year and chose to become IASTM certified through Dr. Koh’s CE classes which use Fibroplaster instruments.  These are all made from surgical steel, which can be cleaned easily between use on each patient, and most of the tools are double bevel in design.  The latter means you can use them in either direction.  With the Graston single bevel design you can only move in one direction and therefore have to change position to move across an area in the opposite direction.  I currently have the Fibroblaster, the Jack, the L’il Alice and the Deuce.  Additionally, I purchased one Fibroblaster that is single bevel in design to use on some painful areas such as the ITB

Casey Chaney, PT, PhD, OCS, CSCS, Western University of Health Sciences

The feedback I’ve received from my patients is that they prefer the use of my instruments as they feel they get more mobility and recover faster with them than with my hands alone.  The tools are well designed and work well for a variety of conditions and provide rapid results. I highly recommend any clinician who needs to up their game to take the time to get certified and trained with Fibroblaster IASTM tools.

Jace Allbright, PT, DPT, CSCS, California Baptist University - Adjunct Faculty & Kaiser Permanente PT