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Close Quarters Defense® Instructors

Angel Naves
Angel NavesDirector of CQD®

(Former Navy SEAL Team 5 member/Navy Special Warfare)

Angel Naves is the Director of Dieter’s Close Quarters Defense® — CQD® —at Sports Academy. He is a former US Navy SEAL and SEAL Instructor and has taught CQD®’s life-saving skills of personal protection and defense to thousands of teammates, protective operations units, and private citizens—men, women and children.

The purpose and mission of CQD® is to defend those preyed upon by criminal and terrorist elements, and to train the professionals authorized to protect those citizens. And Angel’s passion is to train good citizens to protect themselves and those they love, and to develop their character and ensure they have the moral courage and strength to do what is right.

“Ranked number 1 of 30 in category and 1 of 130 . . . Naval Special Warfare’s Instructor of the Year. . . . Leads NSWC’s most demanding COI. Regarded as the premier physical and tactical instructor. Navy’s preeminent expert in Close Quarters Defense (CQD®) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. . . . Superb leader. Expertly lead a staff of nine instructors . . .” (U.S. Navy official EVALUATION REPORT, 2003 November 16 – 2004 November 15)

Angel was honored Duane Dieter, the Founder and Developer of CQD®, has licensed him to bring you the world’s finest tactical training and system of defense. It is our overriding purpose and mission to defend those who are preyed upon by criminal or terrorist elements, and to train the professionals who are authorized to protect those citizens.

Trent Aronson
Trent AronsonLead Instructor - San Diego CQD®

(Former Navy SEAL Team 2 member/ Navy Special Warfare)

Trent is a Lead instructor of CQD® San Diego and the former Navy SEAL recognized as Naval Special Warfare’s premiere instructor and the Navy’s preeminent expert in CQD®, has moved home to provide good citizens lifesaving CQD® training, tactics, and techniques.

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